Derek will advise you on any negotiation situation. How ever complex or simple.

In today’s fast changing world, the psychological tricks, tactics and techniques are not always understood even by the best business people and entreprenuers. Secondly when you are emotionally involved in a negotiation, because it effects you directly you often can’t see or understand what is happening. You need a time out, some space etc. This is why agents do so well. Derek can fill that void by being available by phone, by email or to attend meetings with you.

Derek’s service can help with amazing results.

With over 30 years of negotiating experience, having written 10 books, spoken and advised people on 5 continent; Derek is superbly placed to see through the tactics and advise you on the best course options and course of action. Helping you with your positioning of the transaction (s) in question.

The initial consultation is without a charge and can be done on the telephone or on Skype, with no obligation whatsoever.

What people say about Derek and the results he gets –

“His advice and help at three meetings meant we hit out goals in reducing our costs by £1m” – Pension Fund

“We kept our price up by 28.5% by following Derek’s strategy when we were under intense pressure” – Training Consultancy

“Derek saved Oxfam £200k in finance charges, with his targeted negotiation” John Shaw – Finance Director